There was practically nothing left of that car.

It was a 1993 Celica driven like a maniac; I had the driving record to prove it. If that weren’t proof enough, the driver side — noticeably sideswiped from bumper to bumper — would seal the deal.

The first few years I had the car occurred not long after the first “Fast and the Furious” movie was released and I joined the throng of 18–22-year-olds interested in making small cars faster than small cars. …

It used to be all I had to do when winter got rainy in South Carolina was recall my childhood in western New York, which was usually enveloped by a foot or more of snow at the time.

It isn’t always the “freshly fallen snow that makes the trees look postcard beautiful” there in February and March. Nah — I know how it goes. …

On this day in 1993, I was diagnosed with Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes.

Yes, March 3 always catches my attention. It’s more scary than anything, but it’s grown less so over the years.

A few years ago, I began reminding myself: if I had been told in 1993 I would still be alive with perfect vision and all of my limbs almost 30 years later, I would have been quite happy.

Because I thought for sure diabetes was a death sentence.

I CAN’T REMEMBER IF I’VE EVER blogged about this before, but — yeah — March 3, 1993, was not…

Recently a family member posted to social media pictures from a snowmobile/four-wheeler excursion on a frozen lake. A lot of snow was involved.

Having lived in the Carolinas since leaving western New York State for college, it’s been a while since I’ve been part of a scene like that. The place looked so foreign to me — like I was watching a documentary titled, “How Snow People Live.”

It’s a little scary at times to think life has taken me in a different direction. I have not been there to show family members I care for them; next thing I…

You died one day in October.

I remembered it every time they showed clips of the regular season game between the Bills and the Chiefs during the week leading up to the AFC Championship.

Although they did it as a preview to that same matchup, I remember watching that Monday night game during the regular season with other things on my mind: you were barely hanging on in a hospital far away.

I wasn’t even happy while watching that game when Josh Allen hit Stefon Diggs in the corner of the end zone on a pass so tight, the announcer…

It has been years since it was just the two of us. I used to wash our dishes by hand at the end of the night …

… in that tiny rented cottage amid cotton fields in eastern North Carolina.

… after a long day at a job that barely paid the bills.

… while I wondered what the heck I was doing.

Washing dishes made me think. Made me reflect. Cleared my mind.

We would have “date” nights. She was the only person in my life. She was my whole world.

More than a decade has passed since those…

One of the moments from my childhood I will always remember happened when I was about 8.

My dad had left my sister, who was 10 or 11 at the time, and me in the cab of his small pickup truck while he went inside a bank to use the ATM.

(It was one of those all glass “rooms” connected to the front of the bank that account holders could access by sliding their ATM card.)

While he was using the machine, two black males who were probably 17 or 18 walked in the general direction of the truck.


Con: There are living knots and dead knots in most types of wood. There are probably living knots and dead knots in all types of wood, as this would make sense to me, but no one has ever told me that. I will go with “most.”

Dead knots fall out, almost always at inopportune times. Right after you’ve applied your third coat of polyurethane. After the project’s already been delivered. These are not ideal times to have a quarter-sized holes in the wood you didn’t anticipate.

When buying lumber for construction, it’s generally best to avoid wood with dead knots…

One of my favorite quotes of all time relates to how a person treats someone who can do them absolutely no good.

I live my life by this quote. I base my parenting on it. It’s really, really important to me.

Some reading this who know me casually may be surprised to hear this, but to those who really know me, this is not new information. I hold doors open for all people, not just women and not just old farts. I share vegetables from our garden with strangers. I buy items for people I’ve just met because we had…

In this time of social media, it’s easy to become enveloped by what others want you to believe. There exists a struggle to retain original thought.

Vaccinations are good. Vaccinations are bad.

Quarantine is part of some government conspiracy.

Covid-19 isn’t real.

The president is doing a poor job; the president is doing a good job.

Life is what it is. Even if a group of revolutionists were to end quarantine, it would take them weeks to assemble, months to recruit, still more months to plan, even more months to train … and who knows how long to enact their…

Justin Roscoe Schoenberger

I live in rural western South Carolina. I like steak.

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